Why Buy the New Beatles Box Sets

7 09 2009


New-Beatles-Box-Set-Mono-EditionWhat the new Beatles  Box Sets have got! Below is what you will get when you

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 The whole eight years of groundbreaking Beatles recordings!

The Beatles Stereo Box Set contains all the individual albums, as well as the double CD Past Masters collection of rare and non-album tracks. Expertly and technologically remastered for four years by a team of brilliant studio engineers at the Beatles made famous “Abbey Road studios”, they utilised the old vintage studio equipment that the fab four would have used themselves, together with the latest state of the art, ultra modern recording technology. This process has brought the Beatles back catalogue up to the highest fidelity it has seen since its original release.

Each of the 13 original albums also include a computer friendly mini-documentary, which features rare photos and footage of the boys at work, as well as previously unheard conversations from Abbey Road studio sessions. This delivers  further insight into the the Beatles’ recording process. All of these documentaries are also featured on the DVD package in the box set to provide you with more versatile viewing. The albums have all been repackaged in limited edition eco-friendly packaging, and contain additional rare photos and illuminating background notes.


This collection also makes history in the fact that it is the first time ever the first four Beatles albums have been available in stereo on a compact disc. This then is without doubt the most complete stereo Beatles box set ever made!

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Beatles Rock Band Game Review

8 09 2009

beatles-rock-band-xbox-smIt’s Beatles Day 9th September, The amazing new  Box Sets and the Beatles Rock Band Game released at the same time. 

Here’s a quick Beatles Rock Band Game Review,

It’s impossible to conceive of the history of rock without The Beatles, and after “The Beatles: Rock Band,” it’ll be hard to envisage the history of rhythm games without their band-in-a-box debut, that also coincides with the re-mastered box sets. Part of that’s because … well … they’re The Beatles. It’s like Robert De Niro. Whether he’s riffing on gangster movies or reading a book, you’re pretty well blown away by the guy.

Same thing applies if you are having a jam with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Put a plastic Guitar, pair of sticks or microphone in your hands and strum, drum and warble along to “taste of Honey” or “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” with your pals — what’s not to like about that? All  the game developers Harmonix had to do was duplicate its award-winning “Rock Band” shtick and sales, popularity and fun are assured.

So what’s so brilliant about “The Beatles: Rock Band Game” is that they didn’t. It’s not just another play-along stroll down memory lane with a few simple musical cues. What could have amounted to a stack of sonic crowd-pleasers with a dusting of nostalgic glitter turns out to be an unusually stylish, history-slinging, collaboratively artful, endearingly nostalgic tour de force. And of course it’s still a toe-tapping blast, too.

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Beatles Box Set Score Score: 100%